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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roger Bezanis Chinese Fingernail analysis look only at the nails.

I'm Roger Bezanis, I teach how to be healthy. I train doctors and only keep company with truth. For the next 25-35 posts, be my student. Who am I? Read about me.  I'm 51 years old with the energy, body and skin of a healthy 18 year old. Stay tuned.

Class #467 of TUE 13 SEP 2011, is starting. No cereal, toast or fried eggs! We sip fresh squeezed OJ mixed with Raw Egg, eat citrus and read.

I'm back from lecturing St. Louis today (Tue) and now can ship all the book orders placed since my crew, Stacy and I have been away. Today's class will focus on small things in healing. Look at your right ring finger. It represents your right kidney (left is the left). I've taught Fingernail analysis many times. Today we will only focus on one finger. Chinese Fingernail analysis look only at the nails. Examining the right ring finger look at the whole finger. Is it crooked? Does it have a mole? Is it discolored? The whole finger matters. Fingernail represent body energy. How? Look at the back end of the nail (away from the tip) is there a 1/2 moon shape under the nail? We should have a small 1/2 moon shape under the rear of the ring fingernail (near the knuckle). If not, it says right kidney energy is low. 

Briefly get a mirror and compare your right under eye bag area, to the chart attached. This is the right kidney.

The right kidney on the face is seen as #5 on the Face Reading Map Key. Look again at your right ring finger and nail. Rt. side low back pain, no 1/2 moon under rt. ring fingernail and puffy kidney area on the face (#5) = weak rt. kidney. Strengthening the kidneys means abandoning the habits that irritate them not just eating the right foods. What foods are the right foods? The kidneys love grapes, cherries, romaine lettuce, kiwi, tomato's, raspberries, dragon fruit, Cinnamon, water, sleeping on ones back... The Kidneys hate caffeine, wht sugar, salt, sodium, alcohol, dehydration, peanut butter (all nut butters) dairy products and traveling. Kidneys hate traveling? Oh yes. They're home bodies. Leaving home they lock up, and why we urgently have to pee coming home (2 blocks away). What, you thought it was you who had bladder attacks within two blocks of your house? Nope it's universal. The kidneys prefer being home. The Kidneys are pissy moody little organs. They dread modern diets (so does the body), and think Super-Foods are junk. We know this via pain. When we eat something the kidneys disagrees with, they let us know via immediate urination and sudden pain or increasing pain. Random? Not. Again look under your rt. eye based (see attachment #5). If it's puffy or dark you can expect rt. low back soreness. If your 1/2 moon is missing under your rt ring fingernail, your rt. kidney is lacking energy. This may make you susceptible to being cold. As you begin to be more tolerant of the cold you'll notice that your ring fingernails have 1/2 moons again. Who knew? The Chinese and now you. The chapter Pissy Moody Kidneys in the book Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing is gold. Get the book at My doctors this last weekend went crazy for my book. Apparently many lost sleep reading it. It is hard to put down. There is no reason to be healthy unless you like feeling good, aging at the correct speed, looking younger, losing your aches and pains.... 

This concludes class #467 of TUE 13 SEP 2011. TY for attending. Diabetes is just weak kidneys that we irritate and make worse. All can heal.